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Blaine Strickland
Melody Montgomery


We’ve collaborated with business owners and commercial real estate professionals at every level. Hear what they have to say.


“From the first day we spoke, Blaine has made me feel like an invaluable client and partner. His ability to cut through the noise and help me find clarity on what I really want out of my career has had a huge impact on my daily work as well as giving me purpose and a dream to work toward. The time I’ve spent with Blaine has had a tremendously positive impact on my relationships with others and has helped me learn to navigate some very challenging conversations that were previously holding me back.”

Executive Vice President
Sara Terry

“Blaine has provided invaluable insight as I have worked to propel our business into its second decade of service. Together, we have retooled our policies, reorganized our leadership structure, and as Blaine likes to say, “defined our lighthouse.” I have never felt better about the future of our company, and Blaine gets a lot of credit for helping me become a more focused and confident leader. It is rare to find a consultant such as Blaine that has as much experience and knowledge in the commercial real estate field.”

Hanley Investment Group
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Thrive and Adapt books

Want to hear from Blaine today? Buy his books in one of three formats on Amazon.

In Thrive, you’ll learn about the most frequent pain points for commercial real estate agents, and the best way to remedy them.

This book also contains Blaine’s recommended reading list.

In Adapt, Blaine alerts you to the disruption that is coming to commercial real estate brokerage and offers ways to make them work for your business. Adapt also contains a group discussion guide for your team’s study.

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