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Coaching comes in many forms.

It was the lack of professional sales managers and mentors in commercial real estate that inspired Blaine Strickland to publish his first book in 2018.

Thrive: Ten Prescriptions for Exceptional Performance for Commercial Real Estate Agents is for the agents who want to raise their game but are not sure how to improve it. Thrive contains the prescriptions to the most common ailments all CRE agents will face at some point in their career.

With his second book, Blaine looks at disruptions coming to commercial real estate and their potential impacts.

Adapt: Disruption Is Coming to Real Estate Brokerage. Are You Ready? speaks to everyone involved in CRE including property owners and managers, lenders, venture capitalists, and other groups who will be impacted by these disruptive forces.

Employ the tactics and lessons in these books if you want to propel your career to new heights.

Thrive book

Blaine provides the roadmap that will make real estate brokerage professionals consistently more successful. Drawing on his extensive industry experience, Blaine identifies key challenges and provides spot-on solutions to the issues with which many real estate professionals deal. If you are interested in accelerating your real estate sales success, THRIVE is a must read.

Bill Moss, Sr Managing Director, CBRE | Lifetime Achievement Award Winner

Adapt book

Adapt takes a deep dive into what the future of commercial real estate could look like. The truly successful among us are always focused on being proactive to achieve our goals as opposed to being reactive and advancing the goals of others. Blaine provides thought-provoking insights into the world of tomorrow which are critical perspectives for our vital proactivity to continue.

Robert A. Knakal, Chairman, NY Investment Sales, JLL

Group Coaching

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